Outreach Events is a content provider for local churches, helping them to create invite-able events that the un-churched in their communities would be compelled to attend. If you are looking for a management company, there are many excellent ones available; however we currently do not offer this type of service. Due to the fact that we only contract high-level national talent, we currently do not have an Artist Development program. For training and development services, please contact CLASSERVICES.

Outreach Events matches its talent with the needs of the local church in an effort to develop truly memorable events. As Outreach itself has over 40,000 church clients, the Events division is constantly searching for fresh and unique approaches to assist in reaching communities for Jesus Christ.

Please read this page in its entirety and follow the submission process as listed below.

Submissions received that do not meet the minimum requirements or that do not follow the process as specified will not be considered for inclusion on our team. Any material that is offensive or, otherwise not Christ-Honoring, will be returned and will not be considered.


Christ-Honoring Individuals –
You must have a strong walk with the Lord in order to effectively articulate your journey to faith. Our performers live the same life-of-faith behind closed doors as they do on stage. Essentially this means you should have a personal relationship with a pastor from your church and be capable of sharing your testimony as well as a gospel presentation.

Top-Quality Performers –
Your performance, whether it is a comedy act, motivational speech or specialty act, should be special in nature and of high quality. Our performers typically have national level credentials that include:

  • National Television/Movie Exposure
  • National Recognition
  • Well-known and Respected in their Field

Please keep in mind that although talent on our current roster may be familiar with your work, that does not mean automatic qualification for inclusion on the Events team.

Relevancy –
Your craft and message must be relevant. We look for performers who have a distinct secular appeal capable of drawing in the un-churched to an event in either a faith-based or in a secular venue.

Uniqueness –
Each of our performers brings something unique to the table that only they are capable of offering. This being said, your presentation must be totally unique in nature.

Professional –
To be considered for our talent roster, you must consider this as your primary occupation. At the current time we do not offer a talent development program, therefore no amateur or inexperienced talent will be utilized.


Church Humor –
This means any comedy that makes fun of the church or denominational issues.

Crude Humor –
This includes gender bashing, radical slurs, obscenities, sexual content or swearing.

Non-Relevant Content –
We do not add talent unless we feel that their content meets certain criteria. Presentations must have both secular and faith-based appeal due to the fact that our primary focus is to help churches build invite-able community events (i.e. events that the un-churched would likely attend) with the intent of introducing Christ into their lives.


If you feel that you meet the requirements listed above and are capable of providing proof through ample documentation, please feel free to send us a press kit including the following items:

  • Current DVD
  • Headshot
  • Biography
  • Credits
  • Letters of Recommendation

Please mail all items to:

Outreach Events
Attention: General Manager
5550 Tech Center Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80919-2308

We will keep your information on file and review material when opportunities for the addition of new talent come. If we feel there is a suitable fit for the Outreach Events team, we will contact you.

PLEASE DO NOT CALL OUR OFFICE TO FOLLOW-UP! Due to the large volume of prospective talent making inquiries about our company and team, we are not able to return phone calls, emails, letters, faxes or other types of correspondence.